Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Treasures of Heaven

BBC4 brings another excellent programme talking about relics - apart from religion and culture, a lot History and Arts! Very moving part which talks about the punishment of Catholics during Elizabeth I reign and martyrdom of Oscar Romero, archbishop of El Salvador, shot dead inside a church during a mass. Watch here and learn!
More about the programme:

Andrew Graham-Dixon explores the ancient Christian practice of preserving holy relics and the largely forgotten art form that went with it, the reliquary. Fragments of bone or fabric placed inside a bejewelled shrine, a sculpted golden head or even a life-sized silver hand were, and still are, objects of religious devotion believed to have the power to work miracles. Most precious of all, though, are relics of Jesus Christ and the programme also features three reliquaries containing the holiest of all relics - those associated with the Crucifixion.
The story of relics and reliquaries is a 2,000-year history of faith, persecution and hope, reflected in some of the most beautiful and little known works of art ever made. Featuring interviews with art historian Sister Wendy Beckett and Neil MacGregor, Director of the British Museum.

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